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We at 10 Property Services Limited  offer a comprehensive service to local customers in Swindon Wiltshire, we are local to Old Town  in  Swindon, but can also provide a service for customers in Wiltshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. 10 Property Services Limited are situated near to the M4 Motorway which has easy access to the surrounding Counties.
10 Property Services Limited offer the home owner a comprehensive range of services for their property, where the home owner is either too busy to carry out DIY work or just prefers the security of employing a suitably qualified tradesperson.
On the outside of your property, could there be a shed that requires some re-structuring or a roof that requires new felt. Gardens always seem to need work doing; has the winter frost attacked the pathway, garden wall pointing or those high winds combined with rotten posts allowed your fence to collapse?
It could be something inside your property that need attention, a door that requires repairing or replacing? Do the stairs creak or is the handrail dangerous and loose?
Your property and indeed your valuables need protecting, what about extra security, do you require locks and bolts fitted to windows and doors?
Has a washing machine or dishwashing appliance been leaking and caused the timber flooring to rot and require replacing?
That dripping tap is like torture as hit keep hitting the sink.
Central heating boiler and pump sound like they are taking off.
The pipes in the house bang and crash when a little water is run from the tap.
If you have any work that you would prefer to have professional tradesperson carry out in your home or garden then please contact us with your requirements.
    Why not get in touch, 10 Property Services Limited are very good at listening to our customers' requirements.
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