10 Property Services Limited in Swindon, Wiltshire can provide repairs, installation and design works for their clients on all hot, cold and waste services within the property. 
    It could be anything from a new shower valve, and outside tap or the plumbing for a new kitchen. On a rainy day, does the guttering work? Or does that constant flow of water  overflowing from the gutter causing staining and rotting the window sills. The hot water storage cylinder may require replacing as it is a hard water area and blocked full of lime scale. A water softener installed into a spare kitchen unit would save, cleaning products and make your skin feel in much better condition.
    On occasions when the weather becomes too hot and dry,  you keen gardeners have to keep the plants watered,  why not think about an automatic watering system, 10 Property Services Limited would be glad to help, we can alter rain water down pipes to fill water storage tanks or water butts.
    10 Property Services Limited Would like to advise all of their existing, new and potential customers to just call with any plumbing orientated problem, we say this because it is much less expensive calling us for a drip than calling for a flood. We can work on hot, cold, drainage or maintenance faults and make the domestic services safe in your home again.

    Dangers of D.I.Y.

    Putting up a couple of shelves is one thing, but trying a bit of DIY on your plumbing or heating system can not only be dangerous and expensive, but could also drop you in hot water with the law!  Many people are happy to do minor jobs like changing a tap washer but for anything else you are best to leave it in the hands of the professionals. If you do not know 100% what you are doing, DIY interference with plumbing and heating systems can result in serious damage, expensive repair bills and potential health hazards.

    The DIY householder is subject to the same regulations and controls as the professional plumber and everything connected to water supply has to comply with statutory requirements. Minimum standards for sanitary plumbing and drainage installations are laid down by law in the interest of public health and safety. Contravention can lead to prosecution and the possible imposition of substantial fines.

    Don't take the risk of endangering your property, your own or your families health or risk breaking the law. For your plumbing and heating problems always call 10 Property Services Limited in Swindon, Wiltshire.

    We can help you with the following: Hot and cold water plumbing, gas central heating gas boilers, heating system power-flushing and cleaning, Chemical inhibitor checking and changing, cold water storage tank maintenance, ball valves, hot water cylinders, drains, drainage, pipe work, bathrooms, shower rooms, tiling, wet rooms, pumps, dentral heating controls, garden watering and  property maintenance the list is not exhaustive so please Just call us for advice or a free quotation.


    Why not get in touch, 10 Property Services Limited are very good at listening to our customers requirements.