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Swindon Plumbing News

Tip of the day is: Whilst the warmer weather is with us think about calling to have your central heating system worked on... to include boiler changes, replacement pumps, new controls, plumbing work, hot  water, cold water and potential guttering and down pipe repairs.
The above work is better carried out in warmer weather than on cold wet damp days.
Areas covered: Swindon, North Wiltshire, West Avon, South Gloucestershire, West oxfordshire and West Berkshire
Local areas are: Swindon, Old Town, Marlborough Road, The Lawns, Old Walcott.

10 Property Services limited: Tips

posted 13 May 2012, 00:22 by Jay Taylor   [ updated 30 May 2016, 12:28 ]

 Swindon  people save a thought for your plumbing and heating systems during the summer, and have them  checked before the winter.

Swindon Plumbing News

posted 19 Jul 2011, 13:35 by Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor of 10 Property Services Limited is a Swindon Plumber, has been working in a very small and very hot loft space today. His conclusion to this type of working environment is that dehydration can sneak up on you very quickly when you are physically working in hot environments.

The conclusion to today's post is that from now on he will carry a bottle of water in his tool bag.

Swindon Plumbing News

posted 12 Jul 2011, 02:56 by Jay Taylor   [ updated 15 May 2012, 11:36 ]

How do you choose your Swindon Plumber, over 80% of people prefer peer to peer recomendations, as opposed to picking a Swindon Plumber from the directories.
Here at  10 Property Services Limited we pride ourselves on our customer recomendations to increase our customer base. We find word of mouth help keep everyone feeling confident in their choices.

Swindon Plumbing News

posted 7 Jul 2011, 14:11 by Jay Taylor   [ updated 20 May 2016, 08:06 ]

This last month I have changed five boilers as replacement for old boilers.

Swindon Plumbing News

posted 19 Jun 2011, 00:54 by Jay Taylor   [ updated 20 May 2016, 08:08 ]

 10 Property Services Limited in Swindon, Wiltshire are working on a new heating system where the boiler and mains un-vented cylinder are situated in the garage to  give the customer more space inside the property.

Swindon Plumbing News

posted 4 Jun 2011, 09:59 by Jay Taylor   [ updated 10 May 2012, 23:50 ]

Our question to you is this: During the cold winter months did your central heating system keep your family warm and not cost a huge amount on your gas bill? 
If you are starting to question your system call us before the winter season starts again.

Swindon Plumbing News

posted 3 Jun 2011, 23:00 by Jay Taylor

Swindon Plumber news

posted 31 May 2011, 10:32 by Jay Taylor

The word "plumber" dates from the Roman Empire. [2] In Roman times lead was known as plumbum in Latin which is why the periodic table of the elements uses the symbol of 'Pb' for lead. Roman roofs used lead in conduits and drain pipes[3] and some were also covered with lead, lead was also used for piping and for making baths.[

Swindon News

posted 26 May 2011, 07:29 by Jay Taylor

 10 Property Services Limited based in Swindon Wiltshire are a plumbing and property maintenance business that would like all their customers new and old to know that we can provide, plumbing of hot and cold water services, gas central heating and boiler changes , central heating power-flushing to remove sludge and untreated dirty water, chemical inhibitor changes, gas pipe work, full design and build bathrooms, full design and build shower rooms, full design and build wet rooms, tiling, construction, drains, drainage pipe work, soil stacks, ventilation, property maintenance, garden maintenance, exterior construction, sheds and fences to name but a few.
Why not contact us for you leaking pipes, dripping taps, broken showers, cold radiators, noisy boilers, leaking guttering, loose down pipes, tired bathrooms, scaled up showers, new kitchens, replacement sinks, house renovations and upgrades.

Gas Safe News

posted 26 May 2011, 07:27 by Jay Taylor

With 100,000 home improvement jobs ending up with illegal gas work in the last year, Gas Safe Register is warning home owners to check the credentials of every tradesperson working on their project.

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