Hello and welcome to the home of 10 Property Services Limited. We are a local plumbing and property services company based in Swindon, Wiltshire. We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship and cost effective work. We offer small repair work through to full design and build projects.

Although we are based in Swindon North Wiltshire, we have excellent road links to parts of Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire so we more than welcome customer enquiries from anyone within easy commute of Swindon.
Without fail the most expensive singular item that you own would be your home and the land it has been built on. The property you live in may have already been standing hundreds of years or perhaps just a few, either way it is your biggest investment and one you should look after. Good regular maintenance and keeping on top of those jobs that can so easily get ignored makes it much easier and less expensive to carry out.
I am confident that everyone reading this can think of several jobs or projects that they walk-by, or totally ignore, in and around their property. A dripping tap, if caught early,  may only require a simple new washer, but if left and ignored could requires a complete tap replacement. Some of you out there may have internal water storage tanks in the loft space. Usually, there are valves, ball valves, floats and fittings up there holding back many litres of water. When are they checked or maintained? The answer usually is after an incident of leakage and possible ceiling damage.
Fuel is an expensive commodity and so we all welcome the warmer spring/summer days when the central heating can be turned off. How old is the heating system and will the circulating pump start again on that cold autumn evening? It would be much better to have the central heating system and boiler maintained in the late summer weeks when the tradesman is not busy following severe cold snaps of weather.
Do not forget a good plumber can fix any leaks you may have, cure dripping taps, change your bathroom, tile your shower room, change taps, mend guttering and Gas Safe heating engineer/plumbers can change your boiler, service your boiler, cure noisy central heating, replace worn pumps, change radiators and towel rails and install full gas central heating.
We are not trying to worry you, just asking you to think about these forgotten or ignored maintenance tasks.

    Why not get in touch, 10 Property Services Limited are very good at listening to our customers' requirements.

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